The BS Art Report
“Maureen O’Leary: By the same sea, homes of the Irish diaspora.” Review by Verity Babbs 28 September 2023
An Capall Dorcha
The Trash at Night featured in Issue 4, Summer

Nowhere Diary
Review: Maureen O’Leary: Record, 23 January 2023

Sandstorm: A journal of arts and letters, University of Texas Permian Basin
Three paintings featured, Spring, 2022:41-42.
Whitehot Magazine of Contemporary Art
Dualties over dichotomies: Maureen O’Leary at Cristin Tierney Gallery. Review by Vittoria Benzine, May, 2022
Interview about the exhibition “Portraits of Ireland’s Easter Rising Leaders” with NYU curator Pamela Jean Tinnen and historian Dr. Miriam Nyhan Grey, recorded on Vimeo, 18 April 2022
Modern Stillness. Maureen O’Leary’s ‘Both/And’ at Cristin Tierney Gallery Review by Audra Lambert, 2022
“Maureen O’Leary addresses Ireland’s 1916 Easter Rising at NYU’s Kimmel Windows Gallery, Kerry Da Silva Cox, 10 May 2022
Artist talk: Maureen O’Leary in conversation with Jennifer Hock, Arts Club of Washington, 2021
“Joan Linder and Maureen O’Leary turn the suburbs surreal.” Review by Shawn Ghassemitari, 2021
Portray Magazine
“Slightly Surreal Suburbia-Cristin Tierney Gallery.” Review by Heather Zises, 2 August 2021
The Washington Post
“D.C. is a city of grand monuments and federal buildings. These photos capture the often unseen poetic details.” Book review by Kelsey Ables, July 30, 2021
Vulture at New York Magazine
Vulture editors, “Notable new releases over the next two weeks. Joan Linder and Maureen O’Leary in Slightly Surreal Suburbia.” Review by Jessica Silvester, 2021
The Brooklyn Rail
“Maureen O’Leary’s “Record”, reverential photographs that are meditations on the systems, structures, functions, and duties of governement.” Review by Anthony Huffman, 2021

21 Artists to Watch in 2021: Part 3 of the Movers and Shakers Series.” Interview by Audra Lambert, 2021

The Sentinel
What we create my save us at Ejecta Projects.” Review Review by Joseph and Barrie Ann George in The Sentinel, 2020
“NIMBY,” review in Medium by A.W. Strouse of Not in My Backyard at Public Swim, New York, New York, 2020
Video by Dorsey Shaw accompanying ‘Not in my backyard’ at Public Swim, 2020
Fine Art Globe
Not in my backyard: Interview with Maureen O’Leary” in  Fine Art Globe by H. Zises, 2020
New Haven Independent
“Ely Center strikes a climate nerve,” review by Brian Slattery of the exhibition What Surrounds at the Ely Center of Contemporary Art, New Haven Independent, 30 October 2019

Delicious Line
Review by A. Lambert of the exhibition What Surrounds at the Ely Center of Contemporary Art,
Delicious Line, 2019

Anthropocene Blues at Wayfarers captures our ephemeral moment,” review by A. Lambert of the exhibition at Wayfarers gallery curated by Jane Ursula Harris, Ante. Arts Mag, 2019

Fondation des Etats-Unis video retrospective of the 2018 Paris exhibition “Squaring the Circle”

“Visions of Liberty, Rooms with Views,” a review by C. A. K. Gellert of the exhibition Squaring the Circle at the Fondation des Etats-Unis, Transatlantica: Revue d'études américaines, 2018

Fondation des Etats-Unis video retrospective of the 2018 Paris exhibition Squaring the Circle

“When you hear the word palazzo,” a review by Alexandra Sokolova of the exhibition “Lasciare la Terra” at the Palazzina Liberty, Artsy, 2018.

Gemellaggio Artistico Bologna-New York, video interview 1, CNA Bologna, 2018

Gemellaggio Artistico Bologna-New York, video interview 2, CNA Bologna, 2018

Confederazione Nazionale dell'Artigianato e della Piccola e Media Impressa
“Gemellaggio Artistico Bologna-New York,” a review by the Confederazione Nazionale dell'Artigianato e della Piccola e Media Impressa of the exhibitions Lasciare la Terra at the Palazzina Liberty and Blow Against the Walls at Wayfarers, 2018

Loveland Reporter-Herald
“Three artists consider nature of awareness at Loveland's Artspace Gallery,” a review by Paul Albani-Burgio of the exhibition Language of Perception at Artspace, Loveland Reporter-Herald, 2018

Review by Athena Axiomakaros of the exhibition What's not to like but everything at the Earlville Opera House, Artsy, 2017

Article by Poet A. W. Strouse on the chicken painting series, One Rooph, 2017

Cascadia Weekly
“Perry and Carlson: A new game in town by Stephen Hunter, a review of the exhibition The Reconsidered Landscape at Perry and Carlson gallery,” Cascadia Weekly (O'Leary's painting on cover), 2016

The Wave 
Review by Patricia Hanan of the exhibition at New York Arbor gallery in the The Wave, 2016


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