From Belle Mort (2013)

At Stories bookstore in Oak Park, LA, CA

Exhibited at Marshall Arts, Memphis, Tennessee, 2014

Maureen O’Leary’s photographs (gelatin silever prints)
from the book Belle Mort (2013)

Belle Mort

Book of photographs by Maureen O'Leary and Terri Phillips,
with a poem by Terri Phillips, edition of 100.
Printed at Paper Chase Press, Los Angeles, 2013.

The book was included in Picture Books s
at the Center for Documentary Studies, Power Plant Gallery,
Duke University, Durham, North Carolina, 2014. 
Belle Mort is also part of the Indie Photobook Library,
which was acquired as part of the permanent collection of
Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library at Yale University.

The photographs
were exhibited in 2014 as rice paper prints at
Marshall Arts gallery, Memphis, Tennessee.
 Available individually or
as complete folios, editions of 8 x 10 gelatin silver
prints on fiber paper or 18 x 24 digital prints
on rice paper (each editions of 3 with 1 AP).

The Marshall Arts exhibit was accompanied by a performance
by Terri Phillips with Grace Bowers,
Tristan Parks, Melissa Farris, and Miaya Johnson.
Vimeo link here. Review in Number: Inc.

Available at:
Book Beat, Oak Park Michigan
Burke's Books, Memphis, Tennessee
Stories, Echo Park, LA, CA


copyright Maureen O’Leary 2023, all rights reserved